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2009 NBA Free Agents

Posted on: June 15, 2009 9:32 pm
This is the list of the top unrestricted NBA free agents for the 2009 summer.

As we saw during this season's trade deadline, this off-season will be a little bit different, as most teams will not want to spend big money on free agents due to the economy or in preparation for The Summer of 2010 (coming to a theater near you!).

The top players on the list will have no problem getting their money but the players at the end of the list or not on the list will have a hard time getting what they feel is their just due and may have to look towards Europe.

No. 19 Grant Hill
Grant Hill played all 82 games this season for the first time in his career, averaged just under 30 MPG, and although Hill is 37 years old, he still has some run left in those legs.

A team like the Spurs comes to mind, as I expect them to make at least one more run to the title. Hill will sign a cheap contract for a contender and will be a great role player.

No. 18. Drew Gooden
Ever since being the fourth overall pick in the 2002 Draft expectations have been high for Drew Gooden.

He has not lived up to those lofty expectations and although he is one of the worst defenders in the league he has also become a skilled big man which teams will still covet.

He will likely be one of the players looking for a huge paycheck (like he has had his entire career) and may never get it. If he gets a 2 year deal at $5 mil per season he should take it and consider himself lucky.

I have no idea what teams like Drew Gooden.

No. 17 Gerald Green
Gerald Green has not done much of anything in the NBA but he still has loads of potential and some teams may consider him another draft pick since he is only 23 years old.

I have no idea what team(s) like Gerald and he may have to look at Europe but I think he will be a good NBA player by the age of 28, which is still 5 years away.

He would be crazy to think he will get more than a 2 year deal at $3 mil per season.

No. 16 Rodney Carney
Rodney Carney averaged career highs in PPG, SPG, BPG, FT%, 3PT%, and MPG this season for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Minny has three first round draft picks and may let Rodney go, which would be a mistake, as Carney can slash, score, jump, and is improving his shooting.

He is only 25 years old and there are limits to his game but he will be a good role player and will provide instant offense a la J.R. Smith or Eddie House in the next few years.

No. 15 Chris Wilcox
Chris Wilcox is every coach and scout's dream or nightmare, as he is an extremely athletic and skilled 6'10" PF but has not done much with his talents.

Wilcox has proven when provided with the minutes he can average 14 and 8 but has not received the minutes the last two years.

I do not expect the Knicks to make an offer to Wilcox since they have David Lee, Nate Robinson, and draft picks to sign and the vaunted Summer of 2010 coming up.

A lot of teams will want Wilcox's talents, which may result in a bidding war that will benefit Wilcox. He made over $6 million last season and will likely get a contract similar to that this off-season.

Look for him to sign a two or a three-year deal at $6 million per season.

No. 14 Von Wafer
Like most Houston Rockets Von Wafer's play improved dramatically when T-Mac went down with injury.

Wafer has great size as a 6'5" SG and put up career highs across the board including making a name for himself as a marksman from long range (40%).

He was a highly recruited high school prospect, coming out the same year as LeBron and is finally tapping into his potential in a contract year.

He will be a highly sought after FA and he will have no problem finding a team to sign with. HOU will make an offer and so will CLE.

No. 13 Jason Kidd
We all know what Jason Kidd can and cannot do.

He can run the fastbreak, maybe the best of all time at it, and cannot defend myself.

Kidd will demand starter's money and no one will offer him and he will be sitting around waiting for a contract until he swallows his pride and accepts a mid-level exception.

He still may start for the Mavs but he will probably get nothing longer than a two year deal.

I think he re-signs with the Mavs for the one year mid level exception.

No. 12 Mike Bibby
The days of Mike Bibby being an elite PG are over and although he is still considered a great facilitator the days of making $14 million per season are also over.

Bibby led the Hawks to two straight playoff appearances and the lack of depth in the ATL backcourt may mean a probable resigning for Bibby and ATL.

He will get a few looks around the league, as he is still a formidable PG but ATL or any other NBA team would be foolish to offer him longer than three years and more than $7 million per season.

No. 11 Chris Andersen
The Bird Man needs two things: minutes and a haircut.

Remember when Ben Wallace was an extremely athletic defender who only needed minutes?

Well Chris Andersen is much more athletic and longer. Will he ever win Defensive POY, probably not but who knows.

Next season the Birdman will make more money, play more minutes and be more of a presence on defense as his minutes go up.

I think Denver will resign the fan favorite for 3 years $3 million per season.

No. 10 Andre Miller
Andre Miller is a good PG and will likely get plenty of offers from around the NBA.

He cannot defend anyone and the days of making $10 million per season are over but Miller will get enough offers Europe will not be an option.

He is older but good floor generals are hard to find and Miller will likely get a good contract this off-season, something like a three-year deal at $6 million per season is acceptable.

No. 9 Allen Iverson
Everyone's (least) favorite free agent this season is Allen Iverson.

His career has been filled with petulance and it has finally caught up with him. He has zero championships, burned multiple bridges, and may be forced into retirement due to lack of free agent interest.

I do not expect a lot of teams to make a run at The Answer but I do expect the Spurs to offer him a contract, albeit an extremely low offer and see where his priorities are.

If he wants to win they will take him aboard but if he wants money more than winning the Spurs will laugh as they make another run at the 2010 title without Iverson.

I have no idea what will happen with The Answer but I do not think he will go to Europe.

No. 8 Trevor Ariza
Everyone knows Trevor Ariza made millions of dollars for himself the second half of the season and in the playoffs.

He is extremely athletic and long which NBA teams covet and is still only 23 years old.

It is unlikely Ariza returns because the Lakers are wrapped up in some bad long term contracts (namely Vujacic, Walton, Fisher, Bynum, and Morrison) and they still need to resign Lamar Odom.

Ariza made over $3 million last season and will demand somewhere around over $8 million a season, which is too much for a player with limited offensive skills.

Ariza will get a lengthy and lucrative deal, somewhere in the area of 5 years $9 million per season, which is over paying for everyone’s favorite role player.

No. 7 Ron Artest
Ron Artest is aging and has lost a step on defense and his offensive game, much like himself, is enigmatic.

Ron Ron plays extremely hard, rebounds, and defends all at a high level and NBA teams will pay him handsomely for those things.

A long term deal is not out of the question but he will probably see a two or three year deal at about $7 million per season.

I think he will resign in HOU.

No. 6 Shawn Marion
The Matrix can do it all and thrives in the open court.

Although he struggled last season it was because he was on two teams that did not utilize him correctly.

I expect Marion to shop himself around this off-season and make a smart decision (he will play for a contender with a good PG next season).

Marion is another player I think the Spurs will make a run at.

He will sign a three-year deal at $8 million per season.

No. 5 Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom has finally shed the waste of talent label, as he was a major part of the Laker championship.

He was tearing up a lot down the stretch thinking about how close this Laker team is and it seems he knew the end was near. The Lakers cannot afford to pay him more than $5 million and Lamar wants close to $10 again.

A four year contract worth around $10 million per season will likely keep him out of Les Deux (an LA club Odom frequents).

No. 4 Rasheed Wallace
Rasheed Wallace remains one of the smartest players in the NBA (he learned hoop the Carolina way) and will be one of the most sought after free agents this season.

He had a tumultuous end in Detroit but he grew bored of the losing and that will not scare NBA teams away from him.

He still has plenty of game left in him, is a great teammate, and he will likely not see $13 million per season again but he may get a four year deal at $10 million per season.

The Cavs, Celtics, and a handful of other contenders will make a run after Roscoe.

No. 3 Ben Gordon
Not only did Ben Gordon make himself a lot of money in the playoffs but by being a consummate professional throughout his contract squabble.

He played in all 89 games this season and saved his best hoop for the last part of the season.

He is good for 20 PPG and has tremendous shot making ability, which is coveted by NBA teams.

He has turned down two contract offers by the Bulls, reportedly for over $50 million and is looking for Luol Deng money ($80 million).

He will not get $80 million and will not give a hometown discount to Chicago and the Pistons reportedly want BG.

Gordon will likely get a five-year deal for around $60 million.

No. 2 Hedo Turkoglu
According to multiple sources, Hedo Turkoglu will opt out of his contract this season and become an unrestricted free agent.

Hedo has one more long term lucrative contract in him and he will want to break the bank this off-season.

It is extremely unlikely ORL will resign Hedo and his signature step back jumper, as they are locked into a few too many long term deals (Nelson, Pietrus, Howard, Alston, Lewis, Battie).

Turkoglu will want around $12 million per season and may get it.

No. 1 Carlos Boozer
According to multiple sources Carlos Boozer will opt out of his contract, becoming an unrestricted free agent.

Boozer is a do-it-all big man, which is what the NBA has been built around for the last 50 years.

Is he one of the greats? No.

But he is a great low post option and is not making enough money (in NBA terms).

Boozer will opt out and look for a five-year deal at $15 million per season, which is feasible for one of the best offensive big men in the NBA.

There is a 0% chance Utah will resign Carlos Boozer.

Matt Anaya


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Posted on: July 1, 2009 6:37 pm

2009 NBA Free Agents

"There is a 0% chance Utah will resign Carlos Boozer."

I know hind-sight is 20-20, but you really missed the boat on most of these predictions!

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Posted on: June 17, 2009 1:12 pm

2009 NBA Free Agents

Keep up the good work MDog

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Posted on: June 16, 2009 9:44 pm

2009 NBA Free Agents

One you are crazy if you think Lamar Odom will make 10million dollars next season period. No team tould pay that much. Lamar and Ariza are probrobly valued by most teams including the Lakers at the same financial value. Secondly after winning an NBA championship and with both players being such a core part of that I find it hard to believe the Lakers will not retain both of them and if by some unforseen circumstance they don't retain both Ariza certainly will not be the one going.

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2009 NBA Free Agents

As a Bulls fan myself I would gladly pay an extra 3 million a year for Boozer over BG.

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Posted on: June 16, 2009 1:59 pm

2009 NBA Free Agents

There is a 0% chance Utah will resign Carlos Boozer.
One team that would dominate with him, the Bulls.

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