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Why I Don't Watch Hockey

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Why I don’t Watch Hockey

First, take notice I didn’t say, “Why I don’t LIKE Hockey.”

Next, think about me and understand I watch sports more than anyone you know and there is a definite possibility that I watch more sports than anyone in the world. I mean, the I get paid to watch sports LOL.

I watch every single MLB game, and I don’t go to bed until I watch the highlights on Baseball Tonight or on MLB Network.

I do the same with hoops AKA the best sport in the world.

I watch every single NBA game that is broadcast on national television and make sure I watch all the highlights before I got to bed. Even T’Wolves vs Warriors highlights! Sorry, I am a huge fan of Monta Ellis and Kevin Love (Thank God I don’t have the money to buy the MLB/NBA package because you would never see your boy!).

Oh BTW, I watch college hoops religiously because I am a huge NBA Draft fan (SUPER DORK ALERT!) and catch all those highlights, too.

So that is every single MLB game, every single NBA/NCAAB game, plus all the NFL games, and plenty of NCAAF games. I also enjoy watching championship tennis, a little golf, the Olympics, some World Cup, and oh yeah, I also like to have a social life.

I also like girls, I like talking to them, and I’m not going to score my dream dime piece talking sports, so I do have other interests other than sports. Like being super cool .

I like movies and I like watching them. I love rap music and I love listening to it, so I am sorry but I do not have time to watch Hockey, a sport played by white Canadian men, not exactly the most athletic or charismatic people in the world. 

I like any sport that involves ball/puck movement, I love the different kinds of strategies involved in each sport, and BTW I knew Kaners’ goal was in. I don’t hate Hockey, I just don’t have time for it and if you want to blame someone blame LeBron James, Bar Refaeli, and Souljaboy.

Matt Anaya


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Chicago Bulls Roster

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With only two weeks before the regular season starts the Chicago Bulls roster is looking near completion. After waiving G Curtis Stinson earlier this month the roster has remained intact and it looks like Derrick Byars and Chris Richard have a small chance to make the team.

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I think both players are better than Aaron Gray and Jerome James, not to mention Lindsay Hunter, but all three of those players have guaranteed contracts. You can thank Isaiah Thomas for that Jerome James contract but Gar Foreman signed Gray and Hunter this off-season to guaranteed deals.
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The Bulls are up against the salary cap and have only $1,075,617 to spend before they pay the luxury tax. That is barely enough room for both Byars and Richard who will make $457,588 if they sign with the Bulls, but that would restrict the Bulls from being able to sign a veteran in an emergency.

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I like Byars and Richard. Byars is a tall, long, athletic, versatile 6’7” shot maker who does not need to score to make plays. I am not sure about his defensive prowess but I know the kid can play offense and might turn out to be a decent NBA player in five years. Maybe even quicker.

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Chris Richard is a big boy. He was the sixth man on the University of Florida back-to-back National Championships squads, playing behind lottery picks Joakim Noah and Al Horford. He will set screens, defend, rebound, and make some timely put backs but that is about it. I mentioned he went to U of F and you know how much the Bulls cherish players from big time programs.

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I think both players will make the team and they will look good in street clothes all season long.

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Matt Anaya

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NBA Predictions

Atlantic Division
Boston 58 24
Toronto 50 32
Philadelphia 41 41
New Jersey 34 48
New York 30 52

After last season’s dismal performance the Atlantic Division drastically improves because Toronto dramatically improved this off-season. Boston is easily the best team in the Atlantic division and Philly will likely see a similar season as last. The Sixers lost their floor leader and are depending on a SG to play PG. I do not think the Nets will be as bad as everyone thinks and they have a nice future with Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, and lots of salary cap space. The Knicks will be in the John Wall sweepstakes come June.

Cleveland 60 22
Chicago 49 33
Indiana 41 41
Detroit 39 43
Milwaukee Bucks 25 57

Cleveland will likely run away with this division and it might be over by the New Year. Chicago and Indiana will improve making the Central division respectable but I have the Pacers missing the playoffs by a game. Detroit signed two talented offensive players but neither Ben Gordon nor Charlie Villanueva can play defense and that spells trouble. The Bucks will have a great chance to win next season’s lottery.

Orlando Magic 61 21
Atlanta 50 32
Washington 44 38
Charlotte 42 40
Miami 41 41

The Southeast division will be much improved from a year ago, as the Washington Wizards are again a playoff team and the Atlanta Hawks are one of the best teams in the conference. I also expect the Charlotte Bobcats to be a playoff team this season and that leaves the Miami Heat in last place with a .500 record. That would make them the best last place team in the NBA and the proposition of Dwyane Wade leaving Miami for Chicago even greater.

Western Conference

Portland 55 27
Utah 51 31
Denver 50 32
OKC 32 50
Minnesota 30 52

The Northwest division race will be my favorite to watch all season long. I think Portland is the best team in the division but Utah and Denver will be in contention all season long. I would really like putting OKC in the playoffs but I cannot do it this season (hopefully next). There are a lot of fun exciting players and teams in this this division which makes it one of the best to watch.

Lakers 63 19
Clippers 43 39
Phoenix 41 41
Golden State 30 52
Sacramento 27 57

The Lakers should win this division by at least 20 games but that does not mean it is an exciting division. The Clippers should make Los Angeles a professional hoops haven as they have a good chance to make the post season this year (gulp). Phoenix is back to their run and fun style but their defense is miserable along with Golden State and Sacramento. Sacramento has a very good nucleus to build around and they should add another stud rookie after this season.

San Antonio 64 18
Dallas 55 27
New Orleans 48 34
Memphis 30 52
Houston 28 54

As long as San Antonio can stay healthy they have a great chance to return to the top of the NBA and will be on top of this division from day one. Dallas reloaded this off-season by adding Shawn Marion, Drew Gooden, and Tim Thomas and they are a contender for the first time since their 2006 Finals appearance. New Orleans will sneak in the playoffs this season but they would be near the top of the lottery if not for Chris Paul. Memphis is talented but I do not see that roster meshing well and Houston’s season ended when Yao went down.


1. San Antonio Spurs
2. Los Angeles Lakers
3. Portland Trailblazers
4. Dallas Mavericks
5. Utah Jazz
6. Denver Nuggets
7. New Orleans Hornets
8. Los Angeles Clippers

1. Orlando Magic
2. Cleveland Cavaliers
3. Boston Celtics
4. Atlanta Hawks
5. Toronto Raptors
6. Chicago Bulls
7. Washington Wizards
8. Charlotte Bobcats

Spurs over Clippers
Lakers over New Orleans
Portland over Denver
Utah over Dallas

Magic over Bobcats
Cavs over Wizards
Bulls over Celtics
Raptors over Hawks

Spurs over Utah
Lakers over Portland
Magic over Raptors
Cavs over Bulls

Spurs over Lakers
Magic over Cavs

Spurs over Magic

MVP - LeBron James
ROY - Blake Griffin
DPOY - Dwight Howard


Posted on: August 14, 2009 5:22 pm

Season's Over, Cub Fans

Sorry Cub fans, but the season is over.

Actually, it was over the instant the St. Louis Cardinals traded for Matt Holliday and made the Cubs second-class citizens in the NL Central.

Or maybe it was earlier than that.

The Cubs were doomed when they traded Mark DeRosa (21 HR and 63 RBI this season), signed Milton Bradley (.263, 8 HR, 30 RBI) for 3 years $30 million instead of OFs Adam Dunn, Bobby Abreu, or Raul Ibanez (if you are unfamiliar, look their numbers up), and traded NL All Star Jason Marquis for literally nothing.

DeRosa was replaced with light hitting Aaron Miles (.191, 0 HR, 5 RBI, 54 games) and Marquis with nobody in particular. Management counted on the "depth" of their roster to make up for Marquis and DeRosa’s absence, but how deep is your roster when rookies Randy Wells and Jake Fox are two of the best players on your team?

I was never against the DeRosa trade or the Bradley signing, but when you look at what Jason Marquis is doing this season and what other free agent OFs are doing (Raul Ibanez, Adam Dunn, Bobby Abreu), it is easy to see Cubs management made a mistake.

The Cubs fooled their fans, and more importantly, they fooled GM Jim Hendry.
The roster is filled with MVP/Cy Young candidates like Carlos Zambrano, Derrek Lee, Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez, Ryan Dempster, Ted Lilly, Kosuke Fukudome, and everyone’s least favorite Cub, Milton Bradley.

The Cubs had eight all stars last season, won 97 games, and were swept by the Dodgers in the postseason. Management (Cubs GM Jim Hendry) then made a bevy of moves hoping to improve a team that won nearly 100 games.

It seems hard to improve a team that won that many games, and I am starting to believe this Cubs team reached its peak last season.

Jim Hendry has locked the Cubs into lucrative long-term deals and if Alfonso Soriano, Milton Bradley, and Kosuke Fukudome frustrate you now, well that is too bad—they are going to be around for a long time.

Soriano still has five years left on his deal, making $18 million annually, and his skills have already started to diminish. Not many teams will want an overpaid .240 hitter who is known as a terrible defender and cannot run anymore.

The Cubs signed Soriano to an eight year, $136 million contract due to his 40 HR/40 SB potential. Soriano has 46 SBs and 81 HRs in his 2.5 year Cub career.

We all know how bad Milton Bradley has been all season, but I actually think Milton Bradley will bounce back next season.

This bozo lead the American League in OBP + Slugging % (OPS) last season.

FYI, Joe Mauer, perhaps the best hitter in baseball, leads the AL in OPS this season. What I am saying is you cannot accidentally lead a league known for its hitting in OPS—you have to be a good hitter.

Knowing Jim Hendry, he will likely trade Milton Bradley this offseason and Bradley will return to his 2008 All Star form next season.

In another bonehead move by management, the Cubs signed Kosuke Fukudome in 2007 to a four year, $48 million contract.

No one wants a light hitting CF that makes close to $13 million per season. Kosuke is a good guy, keeps his mouth shut, and plays hard every day, but that does not mean he deserves to make $13 million per season.

The Cubs' roster is similar to the smoking hot girl who finds you cute and leads you on because she is bored and likes the attention.

The Cubs will be in the playoff race the rest of the season, consistently within four games of the wild card, and misleading you until the last week of the season when then they will look at you and say, "Sorry, it’s over."

You then think to yourself, "I didn’t even get to have sex with you, so WTF was I doing this whole time?!"

This Cubs season is becoming futile fast, much like a relationship with no sex. Get out now, Cubs fans, and save yourself a broken heart.

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MLB Power Rankings

1. Philadelphia Phillies (59-44, 1st NL East, Previous Rank 3)
The Phillies boast Major League Baseball’s best lineup. The lineup features former, future, and potential MVPs and that does not include 2009 NL All Stars Shane Victorino, Raul Ibanez, and Jayson Werth. The Cliff Lee acquisition puts them over the top and the favorites to win it all again in 2009.

2. New York Yankees (63-42, 1st in AL East, PR 2)
The Yankees offense will carry them into the post season and they will contend for a title if Joba Chamberlain throws like he did in his last start (8 IP, 3 H, 5 K vs. Tampa Bay).

3. Boston Red Sox (62-42, .5 GB of Yankees, Wild Card Leader, PR 1)
The Victor Martinez trade was due in large part to David Ortiz (.231 average) and Jason Bay’s struggles (.213 since June and 5 RBI in July). Martinez will inject some life into an aging offense but if they depend on Brad Penny, Clay Bucholz, and John Smoltz they will become pretenders. 

4. Los Angeles Angels (63-40, 1st in AL West, PR 6)
I have said it before and I will say it again: The Angels have no business being this good. The Halos have actually improved since my last power rankings, winning eight of their last ten, and I still cannot believe how good they are. They have dealt with injuries up and down their roster, the Nick Adenhart tragedy, and still find themselves with the second best record in baseball. The Angels are one of my favorite teams of the 2009 season and Mike Scioscia is the AL Manager of the Year.

5. Tampa Bay Rays (58-48, 3rd in AL East, PR 5)
The Rays are one of the best teams in baseball but only two AL East teams can make the post season. Tampa Bay will be contenders for years to come, and is one this season, but they are currently on the outside looking in.

6. St. Louis Cardinals (58-50, 1st in NL Central, PR 10)
The Matt Holliday and Mark DeRosa trades helped St. Louis leap ahead of the Dodgers and Cubs and become the second best NL team. They went from a good offense to having a great one and they have a great 1-2 punch atop their rotation. The Cardinals can beat you in a number of ways.

7. Los Angeles Dodgers (65-40, 1st NL West, PR 4)
The Dodgers did not make a big splash at the deadline but did solidify their strained bullpen by acquiring LHP George Sherrill. LA has a great team but the NL improved dramatically with the Matt Holliday trade, hence the Dodgers dropping a few spots. The Dodgers need another SP to be legitimate contenders and until then they will remain below St Louis and Philadelphia.

8. Chicago White Sox (54-52, 2nd AL Central, PR 8)
The White Sox made the biggest splash at the trade deadline by acquiring ace Jake Peavy. A healthy Peavy gives the South Siders a very good rotation and they already have an explosive offense (5th most HR in MLB). They are the most talented team in the AL Central and remain the favorites to capture the division crown.

9. Texas Rangers (59-44, 2nd AL West, PR 11)
The Rangers are another team that has no business being as good as they are (14 games over .500?!). I do not trust their starting staff, but Kevin Millwood and Scott Feldman have thrown well all season, Vicente Padilla is healthy again, and rookie Tommy Hunter has started nicely. Their offense is legit (Josh Hamilton is batting 7th) and their bullpen has been a very nice surprise but Ian Kinsler’s injury will hurt them and I do not think they will make the playoffs.

10. Chicago Cubs (55-48, 2nd NL Central, PR 7)
The Cubs have struggled all season long but found themselves in first place last week.  Aramis Ramirez is healthy, Milton Bradley is finally hitting above .250, and Alfonso Soriano has been on fire since the All Star break (.364 post All Star BA). They have gone 12-5 in the second half of the season but will need Geovany Soto and Ted Lilly back if they want to contend for the NL Central title.

11. Toronto Blue Jays (51-54, 4th place AL East, PR 9)
The Jays have a very good lineup. Aaron Hill (.291 BA, 26 HR, 76 RBI) has established himself as an offensive force at 2B and Adam Lind (.301 BA, 22 HR, 71 RBI) has emerged. Shaun Marcum and Dustin McGowan were supposed to be the second and third starters in 2009 but they lost McGowan for the season and Marcum is finally starting his rehab. If the Jays had some healthy pitching they would be contending. 

12. San Francisco Giants (58-47, tied for 2nd NL West, PR 13)
The Giants probably have the best starting rotation in MLB, as Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain may be the two frontrunners for the NL Cy Young Award. Their offense is anemic and will likely be the reason they do not make the playoffs but they will be Wild Card contenders as long as their staff stays healthy.

13. Colorado Rockies (58-47, tied for 2nd NL West, PR 12)
If the Rockies had a healthy Jeff Francis they would be one of the best teams in the NL and even without the former 17-game winner, Colorado still has a great starting staff.
Aaron Cook is 10-3, All Star Jason Marquis is tied for the NL lead with 12 wins, and both Ubaldo Jimenez and Jorge De La Rosa are in the top 20 for strikeouts. If their pitching holds up, Colorado can contend for the NL Wild Card.

14. Detroit Tigers (54-49, 1st NL Central, PR 17)
The Tigers made a nice addition to their starting staff by acquiring savvy veteran Jarrod Washburn. Washburn (2.64 ERA) is one of the best pitchers in baseball this season and the Tigers already have Justin Verlander (12-5, 3.16 ERA, 2nd most Ks in MLB) and Edwin Jackson (2.64 ERA). The Tigers have an average offense and the struggling Brandon Inge (0 HR since All Star break) may have to go on the disabled list with a nagging knee injury.

15. Seattle Mariners (54-51, 3rd AL West, PR 16)
The M’s were in a buying/selling mode at the deadline. They received Jack Wilson and Ian Snell from the Pirates for one of their best prospects (Jeff Clement) and sold Jarrod Washburn to the Tigers for Luke French and a prospect. Seattle can contend next season if they can get 200 IP out of Erik Bedard and figure Brandon Morrow out, but that is asking for way too much.

16. Florida Marlins (55-50, 2nd NL East, PR 19)
The Marlins have a good offense and could be better if they cut down on a MLB leading 832 strikeouts. Nick Johnson will help their OBP and balance out the order but it is not a season saving trade. The pitching is average and remember, this is the fourth youngest team in MLB.

17. Atlanta Braves (53-52, 3rd NL East, PR 20)
The Braves have a very nice starting staff. Javier Vazquez (3.01 ERA, 3rd most Ks in MLB) loves his return to the NL and Jair Jurrens (2.69 ERA) is thriving in his second NL season. Ace Derek Lowe has 11 wins, rookie Tommy Hanson has a 3.25 ERA and the staff will get Tim Hudson back sometime in August.  The Atlanta offense is not very good and is why they Adam LaRoche at the deadline. Look for the Braves to contend next season.

18. Minnesota Twins (52-53, 3rd AL Central, PR 18)
After sweeping the division rival White Sox the Twins took two steps backwards and were swept by the Angels this weekend. The Twins offense is 10th in Runs but other than Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer, Jason Kubel, and Michael Cuddyer there is nothing to be afraid of. The Delmon Young trade was disastrous and their pitching staff has the sixth worst ERA in MLB.
19. Baltimore Orioles (44-60, 5th AL East, PR 15)
The Orioles play in the wrong division and if they played in any other, they may be in the division or wild card hunt. They have a nice offense, mixed with veterans and youngsters, and we know Brian Roberts, Adam Jones, and Nick Markakis can play at an elite level. The O’s are starting to call up their young talented pitchers (Chris Tillman and Brian Matusz) and they will be a much better team next season.

20. New York Mets (50-54, 4th NL East, PR 23)
Every year it is something different with this organization. The latest Omar Minaya fiasco will leave an indelible mark on his tenure and the clubhouse has become a circus. However, this team would be contending if Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, Billy Wagner, J.J. Putz, John Maine, and Jose Reyes were not injured.

21. Milwaukee Brewers (52-53, tied 3rd NL Central, PR 14)
The Brewers cannot pitch (5th worst team ERA) or play defense and when that happens you will find yourself below .500. Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun will be there for a few more years, but if Milwaukee wants to contend and keep them around they will need to find some pitching.

22. Houston Astros (52-53, tied 3rd NL Central, PR 21)
When I evaluated the Astros in the pre-season I thought Mike Hampton and Brian Moehler would be their weakness, but it is actually a below average offense. Any offense with Carlos Lee, Lance Berkman, Miguel Tejada, and Hunter Pence should not struggle but the Houston offense ranks 23rd in Runs this season. If they want to contend in the future they need to add another bat and acquire more pitching.

23. Arizona Diamondbacks (46-59, 4th NL West, PR 25)
Remember two years ago, when the Diamondbacks were the future of the NL? They made the 2007 NLCS with a bevy of “future stars” and they even traded for Dan Haren to help put the team on top of the NL. Well, Brandon Webb and Conor Jackson have been out for most of the season, Stephen Drew has not blossomed as planned, Chris Young is awful, and the team has players I have never heard of (Gerardo Parra, Alex Romero, Ryan Roberts, and Josh Whitesell) getting playing time.

24. Cleveland Indians (44-61, 4th AL Central, PR 29)
The Tribe has a very nice offense (6th most Runs in MLB) but have the worst team ERA (5.16) in MLB. It does not help when you trade back-to-back AL Cy Young Award winners and it also does not help when your number two starter Fausto Carmona goes back to the minors. After trading Cliff Lee, Victor Martinez, and Ben Francisco look for Andy Marte, Trevor Crowe, and Catching prospect Carlos Santana to get extensive playing time.

25. Pittsburgh Pirates (45-59, tied 5th NL Central PR 24)
The Bucs have been making making moves all season long and their future is finally looking somewhat bright. They traded Freddy Sanchez for former first round pick RHP Tim Alderson. Pittsburg’s OF features two very exciting young athletes, Andrew McCutchen and Lastings Milledge. C/1B Jeff Clement, a former top five pick, was acquired from the Mariners, and they still have Pedro Alvarez waiting and almost ready to mash at the big league level. For the first time in nearly two decades, the Pirates have a nice future. 

26. San Diego Padres (43-63, 5th NL West, PR 26)
Trading Jake Peavy ended a very successful era in San Diego and for the first time since the early 90s, the Friars will be without Peavy or Trevor Hoffman. The Pads are trying to clear as much pay roll as possible and next in line to be traded will be slugger Adrian Gonzalez.

27. Kansas City Royals (41-64, 5th AL Central, PR 27)
I had high hopes for the Royals this season. I thought Coco Crisp would provide an impact at the top of the lineup (wrong). I thought Jose Guillen would be an RBI machine (wrong). I though Alex Gordon and Billy Butler would hit more than the 12 HR they have combined (wrong) and I thought they had a nice pitching staff (wrong). The Royals are my 2010 sleeper.

28. Cincinnati Reds (45-59, tied 4th NL Central, PR 22)
After the Jay Bruce injury the Reds have two feared hitters (Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto) and the rest of the team is futile. The Scott Rolen acquisition was to help a miserable clubhouse led by perpetual douche Brandon Phillips but the Reds will not contend in the near future. I watched the Cubs play the Reds a few weeks ago and saw Phillips throw the ball to first with his right foot in front. Inexcusable.

29. Oakland A’s (44-60, 4th AL West, PR 28)
The A’s will contend again … just not this year or the next. Their starting pitchers are all going to be good, just not this year. This is one of the youngest teams in MLB and the offense is bad. If this team wants to contend in the near future they will need to totally fix the offense, as only Mark Ellis should be starting on a MLB team. 

30. Washington Nationals (33-72, 5th NL East, PR 30)
The Nats are the worst team in baseball because of their awful offense and the 2nd worst team ERA in baseball. They have very little talent on their roster and will not be legitimate contenders for many years. If they want to speed up the rebuilding process they should look to trade Adam Dunn, Josh Willingham, and Christian Guzman this off-season.

Matt Anaya
Posted on: July 29, 2009 12:28 pm

Dear Alfonso Soriano

Dear Alfonso,

I have always been a fan. I cannot pin point when I fell in love with your hitting ability but I know it was a while ago.

It may have been the Game 7 8th inning HR off Curt Schilling (a player I despise) in the 2001 World Series (on an 0-2 pitch!) or it may have been because you are one of four players to reach the 40/40 milestone and the three others are known steroid abusers.

The home run off Schilling is symbolic of your career.

You may look bad the majority of the time, but most big leaguers do and you do things most Hall of Fame players cannot and you never know when you are going to connect.

Roger Clemens gave you the Senor Peligroso (Mr. Dangerous) nickname years ago and that still holds true today.

You are dangerous and it does not matter what the count is. You could be 0 for 5, like Monday night, and then look so good on your 6th at bat and connect for a 430-foot game winning grand slam.

When you hit your game winning Grand Slam Monday night and stared it down, you knew you got every piece of that ball. You have not hit a ball like that all season long and that must have felt great.

It was like the old Alfonso is back and the .220 is officially gone and I am excited to see what you do next. I will be watching and waiting every at bat.

Matt Anaya

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Posted on: July 21, 2009 2:58 pm

Chicago Bulls Roster Shaping Up

After the draft, the signings of Jannero Pargo and Lindsay Hunter, and the release of Anthony Roberson the Bulls 2009 15 man roster is starting to come together.

The starting five is still up in the air and according to Tyrus Thomas, he is the Bulls starting PF.

Tyrus is one of my favorite players in the NBA but I think his energy is perfect as the sixth man (don’t hate me Ty!) and I think Joakim Noah is good enough to start at the PF.

Don’t get me wrong, there are few players who protect the rim like Ty but I think Joakim’s fundamentals, rebounding, passing, and defense are good enough to start over Tyrus.

Obviously Derrick Rose will start at Point Guard and I think John Salmons will get the nod at the Shooting Guard spot.

The Bulls highest paid player, Luol Deng, who was absent during the post season due to injury, will definitely be starting and he was just cleared to resume basketball activities.

If Luol were playing against the Celtics the Bulls would have won that series handily.

Rose, Salmons, Deng, Noah, and of course everyone’s favorite thug Brad Miller round out the Bulls 2009 starting lineup.

Miller will move the ball, rebound, make open 18 footers and help the Bulls clear a lot of salary after his $12 million contract comes off the books after next season.

The Bulls have a deep team and the first two off the bench, Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich, would be starting for most teams across the NBA.

I mean, if this weren’t the NBA, a league filled with ridiculous contracts, I would say Hinrich is probably the highest paid player that comes off the bench, but this is the NBA and if you give me 10 minutes I’ll find at least 30 players with worse contracts.

Next off the bench will likely be combo guard Jannero Pargo and rookies SF James Johnson and PF Taj Gibson. Veteran big man Aaron Gray is still not under contract but is expected to resign and will most likely be behind the talented rookies.

So far we have:

Rose, Salmons, Deng, Noah, Miller

Hinrich, Thomas, Pargo, Johnson, Gibson, Gray.

The last spot goes to veteran PG Lindsay Hunter who recently resigned and acts as more than a role player. He has nurtured and tutored Chicago’s baby boy Derrick Rose and will likely sign with the team as a consultant after the 2010 season.

The last three reserve spots will likely be rotating all season long but Linton Johnson and DeMarcus Nelson will see a lot of time in street clothes at the end of the Bulls bench this in 2010.

Sidenote: It was very hard for me not to pencil in Ben Gordon at SG. I wont miss him on the court but Ben is a good dude and was very fun to watch.

Matt Anaya

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Posted on: July 21, 2009 2:16 pm

The Phillies Are Good, Like Really Good

After the first two hitters of Monday night’s game vs. the Phillies I said to myself, “Man, the Phillies are good.”

Like really good. Like the Cubs have no chance of winning a game in the post season against these guys.

Within the first five minutes of the bottom half of the first inning the Cubs were in trouble. Two runners on, no one out for the meat of the order, and if you think the Cubs have a good lineup, the Phillies is ridiculously good.

Roger Maris, er I mean Raul Ibanez, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley! No, that is not a fantasy lineup, that is a World Series contending lineup and the lineup of the defending champs.

Not only is the 3-4-5 good for Philly but also the top of the order features a former MVP (Jimmy Rollins) and the starting CF for the 2009 NL All Star team (Shane Victorino).

The Phillies are so good that even after the top and the meat you still have 2009 All Star Jayson Werth ready to clean up everyone else’s mess.

Sheesh, that is totally ridiculous and if I were a pitcher there would be a brown stain in the back of my pants every time I had runners on, nobody out for those bashers.

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